Tumble dryer fires – Be aware, be careful!!

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Its that time of year again, when the wet weather and the dark nights are drawing in. Luckily we’ve had a good summer for sunshine, with lots of good drying days, but with the wet weather coming, lots of people are starting to use their dryers on full capacity for the first time in a good few months.

Just this last couple of weeks, i’ve been called out to quite a few houses to repair tumble dryers in Preston that were smelling of burning and the owners were getting very anxious about using them. Dust had settled on the heater and back plates which had started to burn when the dryer was switched on. Now on most occasions this just smoulders and burns to nothing and no further problems arise but with one of the machines the fluff actually set on fire and flames started to appear in the drum. Luckily for the customer, they were near the appliance and switched it off straight away, stopping what could have been a tragic accident.

So this is just a quick message to warn everybody to be aware. Please don’t leave your tumble dryer on if your going out of the house and especially if your going to bed. If in doubt give Arrow Electrics – Repair service a call and we can take a look at your machine and if needed, vacuum your dryer out and try to eliminate this problem from arising.

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