Smelly washing machine – Egg smell?

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Is your washing machine starting to smell? Do you have an eggy smell when you walk near your washer?
This is due to your doing too many cold or low temperature washes.
It is common knowledge that washing machines are more economical than they used to be by using less water and less power but in doing so they where taking a lot longer to complete a cycle.
What the makers then did was to introduce quick wash cycles and low temperture programmes to bring the times down, along with detergent manufacturers advertising that you an get great results from washing at 30 degrees.

This is where the new problems arise. Because the washing machines are never having a hot wash put through them like they where years ago, they are not dissolving and diluting the powders and liquids and these detergents are sticking in the machines to the door rubbers and drum tanks and are then rotting away. This in turn creates this horrible smell which can permeate your clothes and your house.

The solution – There is no quick and easy way to get rid of this problem. Most of the smell will be coming from the door seal (door rubber, door bellows, rubber seal) and changing this will help, but also with this you will need to buy a washing machine cleaner, the best in my opinion is CALGON, available from most supermarkets. If you put this in your wash, once a week with no clothes in and wash at a hot temperature, either 60 degrees or 90 degrees, this will eventually get rid of the smell. But you will have to persevere.
Even when the smell has gone, it is still best for your machine if you can do at least one hotter wash a week just to keep the problem from reoccurring.
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