Its often not as bad as you think!!

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Is your washing machine not draining water out? Is your washing coming out after a spin not being as dry as you would like? Well there may be a simple answer to your problems. Have you checked your filter on your washing machine? Most washing machines these days have a drain pump filter. This is usually found at the bottom of the washing machine on the front. It will always hold water, so put a few towels on the floor in front of it and unscrew.

You’ll be surprised at what comes out. Coins, hair grips, bra wires to name but a few common items and probably a bit of fluff. All these things can cause your washer to malfunction. So not all faults costs money to repair and its not often as bad as you think. If you need any help with a washing machine repair in Preston or Blackpool then give the experts a call and we can help you and hopefully its something very simple to repair.

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