Don’t forget to clean your Tumble Dryer Filter

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With the bad weather still with us, many of us have to use the tumble dryer instead of being able to peg out the washing. At Arrow Electrics – Preston Appliance Repairs, we are coming across a lot of faults that could really have been avoided with a little extra care and attention.
It is easily forgot about but the filter on a tumble dryer is an essential piece of the jigsaw. If this gets blocked, then the thermostats and the element on the machine bake. They get hotter and hotter until the machine tricks itself into thinking that it is overheating and possibly going to set on fire. This makes either the thermostats or the heating element faulty. We have been to many dryers in the last few months in the Preston and Blackpool areas with this exact fault.
On a vented (pipe through the wall) tumble dryer, the filter is just inside the door. On a condensing tumble dryer (no vent hose but you collect water in a bottle), there is a filter inside the door and also a big metal pull out filter, usually at the bottom. Many people with condenser dryers forget about this one. It is essential for the machine to function at full strength that this is clean and you should be able to see daylight from front to back. Pouring water down using either a shower head or outside tap is the easiest solution. Don’t worry about getting it wet as there are no electrics inside it.

Also cleaning out your filters will in time save you money on your electricity bill with the clothes drying quicker and the machine not having to overwork.

We hope that this gives you a little bit of a help until the warmer weather arrives (fingers crossed on that).

If you require any further help or assistance with any of your domestic appliances, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Cookers, Ovens, Ranges and of coarse Tumble Dryers just give either Nick or Catherine a call at Arrow Electrics – Preston Appliance Repairs and we will do everything we can to help you.

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