Do you REALLY know what make of washing machine you own?

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It may not be something you know or are interested in but do you really know who makes the appliance you own?

Do you have a Hotpoint washing machine, Hotpoint Oven or even a Hotpoint Dishwasher and think it is a British company that has made it. Well at Arrow Electrics Preston, I can tell you its not. Hotpoint has for over 10 years now been under the ownership of the Italian owned Indesit group of companies and all the machines are based on an Indesit / Ariston design. The group consists of Hotpoint, Indesit, Ariston, Creda and Cannon.

Do you have a Hoover domestic appliance and think that this is British? Well, no, the same applies, Hoover was taken over by the Italian owned Candy. In fact hoover hasn’t been British owned since the 80s when Maytag bought them, got into trouble with the free flights fiasco and then had to be bailed out by Candy. Almost all Hoover machines are Candy with a dress on.

I could go on about AEG washing machines, cookers, ovens and tumble driers. These machines for the past 20 years have been made under the instruction of the Electrolux group which use the Zanussi design for most of their appliances. So, while you are paying over the odds for what may seem a Premium brand in AEG, most likely it is just a Zanussi in disguise. Electrolux in the UK consists of Electrolux, Zanussi, Tricity Bendix, Parkinson Cowan and AEG.

Do you own a Belling Oven or Cooker, or a Stoves Oven, well it may be news to you but these are actually owned by Irish firm Glen Dimplex, who are famous for making electric fires. Under their ownership the brands include, Glen Dimplex, Belling, Stoves, New World and Lec.

I could go on for ever, but basically, it may be worth your while, when investing in another Washing Machine, Oven or Dishwasher in the future, to have a look and see who actually makes your machine. It may be a case that you have had an Indesit washing machine which has been a nightmare all its life to finally discver that the Hotpoint you bought to replace it with is just the exact same machine underneath all those badges.

Needless to say, here at Arrow Electrics, Domestic Appliance Repairs Preston, we will repair any washing machine, repair any cooker, fix any oven, repair your broken dishwasher and tumble dryer, regardless of the make and model.

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